Top Dietary Supplements for women.

It should come to no surprise that women have different nutritional needs than men. Women’s bodies handle stress differently than men’s bodies, and their complicated systems require a variety of nutrients to perform at optimum levels. Because  a woman’s health changes with the cyclical nature of her body, it is important that she keep up with this cycle and supplement her nutritional intake accordingly. Many people can benefit from supplementing with essential fatty acids, or EFAs. These Supplements are quite beneficial for the hair, skin and nails all of which concerns women the most. Women will do a lot for the sake of beauty.

EFAs-  Salmon is probably the best natural source of EFAs, but you can also take fish oil quickly and easily by tablet or capsule. So as long as your diligent with your supplement regimen you can reap the same benefits as you would by eating a lot of fish.

Folic Acid-  Another important supplement for women is folic acid. The body does not easily manufacture folic acid , so it is important to supplement the diet with this B-Vitamin derivative.

Calcium- Calcium is a mineral that is especially important for women to have in plentiful amounts. Women are much more prone to osteoporosis, and the chance of developing this debilitating condition can be greatly reduced by taking in sufficient amounts of calcium.

Magnesium- Along with calcium, women should take magnesium in a ratio of 2:1 . Magnesium helps calm anxiety and more important for women it reduces premenstrual cramps and hormonal fluctuations that cause emotions during this time of a women’s cycle.

So let me ask you ladies…Are you girls taking your daily supplements?


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