Diet For Disease Prevention and Senior Health Care (Part I)

Maintaining a healthy diet throughout life can do more than just keep you slim and fit. Healthy eating is important to senior health care and can sometimes prevent diseases such as heart disease and cancer, as well as provide relief for diseases such as osteoporosis. Unfortunately, the importance of eating well is often pushed aside by our busy day to day lives. We continue to jeopardize our future health and get caught up in the cycle of fast food, large portions and sodium laden meals. A healthy diet doesn’t have to be daunting on our schedules, or mean giving up all the food we love. A simple eating plan can actually make meals and snacks more efficient for both our time and our bodies.

While a healthy diet is important for an individual of any age, it is especially important for seniors and senior health care. Creating a healthy lifestyle while we are younger, and maintaining it as we grow older, can prevent many senior health care issues, and keep disease at bay. While many seniors rely on specialized senior services for their senior health care needs, it’s important to do all we can beforehand to maintain our health and practice preventative care. Below is a list of diseases which can be found with senior citizens:

– Osteoporosis

– Heart Disease

– Cancer

We are going to continually discuss what kind of foods that can help to prevent or manage these disease on part II shortly.  Please don’t forget to come to check up our blog to obtain more information.




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